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Transfer contacts from HTC to iPhone

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Bthaaly Wed 03-Feb-16 06:06:44

As far as I know ,the htc phone and iPhone have two different operating systems . When many of people got new iPhone 6/Plus, and want to transfer old htc contacts to iPhone .How to achieve it ? Although you can open phone Bluetooth to do it .But when bluetooth can not connect matching.But how to transfer htc phone data to iphone in a fast way?
Here I would like to recommend you Android to iPhone Transfer software, which enable users to transfer data like text messages, photos,contacts, videos, music, apps and more between android and iphone devices with a click. This app works perfectly with Samsung galaxy/note,htc ,lg,sony,iphone 6/iphone 6 plus …
I would like to show you the details of how to transfer htc phone contacts to iphone .. You can read from it .
How to transfer data from htc phone to iphone device
Step 1. Download and run Android to iPhone transfer this software.
Step 2. Connect both of your htc phone and iPhone on computer
Step 3. Scan the android phone data,and choose the data you want to transfer
Step 4. Transfer data from htc phone to iPhone
As far as I am concerned, transfer data between two different devices is not a hard work, because I can complete it with the powerful Android to iPhone transfer

PRDad Wed 03-Feb-16 14:30:16

There are much easier apps to use than this, Apple have even released an Android app to help you transfer everything over!

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