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how to save £££££'s on tv subs

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deeskeydoo Sat 30-Jan-16 03:27:05

Been meaning to do this for ages and wished I'd done it months ago! Was paying £95/month for phone, broadband and tv. Now only £8.75!

First, switched my phone and broadband provider through top cashback. Managed t get deal with free broadband and half price line rental - £8.75.

Cancelled sky tv. I have a smart tv (don't worry if you don't, as long as your tv has a usb port, you can do what I do for any streaming my smart tv doesn't cover)

Download 'mobdro' onto an android device (smartphone/tablet). Get google Chromecast (about £30). You can watch ANY channel like sky movies, sports, kids, BT sport, foreign stuff and the content on your device will be duplicated onto your tv. You do get occasional ads, but I can suffer it for money I'm saving grin

Word of warning, don't use data (3g or 4g), always use fixed line broadband, or you'll get a nasty surprise when bill gets in.

The cherry on the top was getting £120 cashback with top cashback.

Any questions on this kinda stuff, feel free, I'm usually quite good wink

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