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Can you check this Tablet out for me please?

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WelshMoth Tue 05-Jan-16 23:54:50

I have posted before about the AmazonFire - bought 1 for my elderly Mum but it's too small at 7". I've returned it and am now on the look out for a larger one that she can surf the Internet with, and perhaps take to hospital with her loaded with movies (she has regular stays).

Here is an Amazon link to one which has caught my eye

Of course, I'd love to be able to buy her an iPad, but I cannot afford it. Will the one I've linked to be good enoug? How will I be able to load up her favourite programmes/films in order for her to watch it somewhere without wifi?


BranTurner Wed 06-Jan-16 00:24:54

I generally advise people to steer clear of sub £100 tablets, as the build quality on them is variable and they sometimes feel a little cheap. They sometimes don't stand up to use as much as slightly more expensive tablets and generally develop more faults. Having said that, not all are terrible. The reviews seem favourable but, if possible, I would go for a more well-known brand.

Have you considered the Amazon Fire HD 10"?

And in regards to the iPad it is possible to finance it over 12 months if that makes any difference.

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