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Android expert needed please! Phone saying insufficient space when I try to update apps.

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Snowbell Sun 03-Jan-16 16:02:20

I've got a Huawei Ascend G510 phone, which I've had for two years. Can't seem to update apps any more as always get "insufficient storage" messages when I try. I've looked online and have used all the tips found there, which have kept the phone going until now. I have moved everything that will move to the SD card.
These are the specs:
Memory: 500MB; internal storage: 4.00 GB available 1.15GB total, 164MB for applications; SD card: 7.59GB available 3.62 GB.
There seems to be plenty of space, but it's unavailable. The SD card is not the latest, if that matters.

Is it time to bin it?!

Theydontknowweknowtheyknow Sun 03-Jan-16 16:16:20

You could try downloading and running one of the free cache cleaners.

Snowbell Sun 03-Jan-16 16:54:06

Thanks. I've tried that. Doesn't help.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 03-Jan-16 17:04:29

From initial post - does it say that 164mb is available for applications?

If you go into storage you should see what each category (media/apps/cache etc) is using.

Backup and then delete all photos and videos.
Go through all of your apps and delete any that you don't use.

Go through all of your remaining apps and clear the caches.

cdtaylornats Mon 04-Jan-16 08:28:56

Clear out text conversations as well.

prh47bridge Mon 04-Jan-16 17:57:41

Go through the apps that were pre-installed and remove updates. The updates will reinstall but will occupy much less space.

Snowbell Mon 04-Jan-16 22:02:35

Yes it's 164MB left for apps. I've deleted apps. I've hardly got any apps on it now, apart from Google stuff. I'll try clearing out text conversations, although I did that not long ago. Thanks for the tip about removing updates - that's new to me. I'll try that.

Snowbell Thu 07-Jan-16 22:30:12

Thank you thank you prh47bridge! I've done what you suggested and it has worked a treat. It has saved over 100MB of space for apps. Phone is back in business!

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