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I'm having some issues with being able to add photos to a thread on FB from my Mac

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TurduckenForDinner Sat 02-Jan-16 13:56:51

I'm strongly slightly regretting moving to a Mac from a pc, I used to be able to fiddle around and make a PC do what I wanted, but the Mac resists fiddling. It likes to work in mysterious ways its wonder not to perform.

Anyway, I've had an intermittent problem with putting photos onto FB. I can always upload them by clicking on the photo and putting it from there onto FB as a new post. But when I want to add a photo to someone else's post I need to do it by clicking on the camera icon in the 'write a comment' box. When I do that I can't 'see' all the photos that are in the album on the Mac, and it seems like pot-luck whether the photo that I want is available. I can't tell the difference between photos that can be seen and photos that can't. I have transferred them onto the Mac from the same iPhone in the same way, but some are 'there' and some are not.

I'm getting grumpy about it now, my crochet needs to be admired by like-minded people. angry

Any ideas would be appreciated. TIA

lljkk Sat 02-Jan-16 14:46:46

Sounds like permissions are blocking you, or the sort order for directory names is odd. Can you sort file/directory name in different order?
I have my pictures in the Pictures directory rather than in some kind of album, so not sure what else to say.

TurduckenForDinner Mon 04-Jan-16 21:50:58

I've had a good look Iljkk and I can't find any permissions on the photos, or how to set or unset them. It's really odd because it appears to be random photos, and it's only an issue with FB on my computer. FB on my phone can pick up the photo with no problem, as can any other website except FB on my computer.

All my photos are in the main photo directory and are sorted by date, but I usually copy them into an upload directory to save scrolling down to find the photo.

BranTurner Tue 05-Jan-16 11:55:54

Try dragging the photo from Finder to the comment box. Does that work?

NewYearSameMe Tue 05-Jan-16 14:08:06

I'll give that a go when the computer is child-free, thanks. (I'm the OP with a seasonal name change.)

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