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HELP PLEASE with iTunes

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crappyday Sun 13-Dec-15 21:05:12

I bought a new laptop.
I want all new music from the old laptop onto the new laptop. It's all in iTunes, some downloaded, some ripped from CDs.
Old laptop has something wrong with the USB connection.
So, bought new laptop. Download iTunes. Apparently, all music is there- I can see the albums, artwork and track names. Nothing will play as it can't find the files.

I have tried to understand all the help stuff on iTunes about finding my music. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes twice.

It cannot find it. My new laptop cannot find any of the file names of the songs anywhere.

I cannot copy from the old laptop using an external drive as the usb is buggered. I cannot copy them using the Internet as we have a max speed of 0.5mbps (ARGHHHH) so can't do it that way.
My iPod has nothing on it, as when I connected to the new computer it synced... With nothing. I cannot ever sync my iPhone and iPad to new computer in case computer wipes those too.

Help please. Please. I want to have my music on my new laptop, and I ant to be able to use my iPod. Which at the moment is. Very expensive piece of black nothing.

I just don't know what I am supposed to do. I have tried to follow the instructions on line, but nothing works.

Does anyone have instructions in words of one syllable that might work? I am usually quite computer literate but am totally stumped with this.

mangocoveredlamb Sun 13-Dec-15 21:07:02

I have no words, but a similar problem.
It's infuriating.

crappyday Sun 13-Dec-15 21:26:46

Well at least I'm Not alone!

2LittleMonkeysJumpingOnMyHead Thu 24-Dec-15 01:40:29

Did you get sorted? Do you have a CD writer?

TannhauserGate Sun 17-Jan-16 21:53:20

Does anyone know the way of doing this?

widowerbutok Mon 18-Jan-16 12:03:04

Hope this link can help you with the problem, but nothing is ever easy with iTunes grrr.
Best of luck

TannhauserGate Mon 18-Jan-16 14:13:13

Thank you! flowers

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