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settlinginproblems Wed 25-Nov-15 20:08:27

I have my own personal Facebook page and have added a PTA page for DD's school under my profile (so, when I sign in, I can choose between profiles, either my own or the school's PTA). The problem is that when I post something as me, the post appears on other people's newsfeeds, but when I post as the PTA it doesn't appear on anyone's newsfeed (even though the PTA already has quite a few 'likes'). Does anyone know why?

settlinginproblems Wed 25-Nov-15 22:07:35


ChocolateFuzz Thu 26-Nov-15 01:33:18

Do the people who like the page also follow it?

f1fan2015 Thu 26-Nov-15 01:59:23

check the privacy settings on the PTA page?

PerspicaciaTick Thu 26-Nov-15 02:20:41

Have you published the PTA page?
Are the privacy settings too strict?
Do your PTA posts appear in your own newsfeed?
Have your tried using the "View as Page Visitor" option to take a look at your PTA page and see if it all looks as you would hope?

settlinginproblems Thu 26-Nov-15 10:54:12

Hi, thanks for your posts.

I have just looked at it as a visitor and it all looks fine. I don't see an option for people to follow it, only like it.

PerspicaciaTick - when I write a post I press 'publish', is that different to publishing it as a page? Oh, I just checked in settings and the page is published. FB keeps giving me options to boost my post by paying, obviously we have no budget and I don't want to do that. Re privacy settings there are none - at the moment it's open to everyone.

When I was fiddling with it yesterday I changed my personal newsfeed options to 'most recent' instead of 'top stories' which is probably the default. When I did 'most recent' the PTA post popped up, but when I changed it back to 'top stories' it disappeared... But unless everyone who likes it changes their newsfeed preference to 'most recent' it's not going to appear on theirs.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 26-Nov-15 10:59:46

Anything you post as the PTA on the PTAs news feed will only show up on people who follow/like the pages news feed, its totally separate from your own page.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Thu 26-Nov-15 11:07:07

Facebook pages work differently to personal pages.

Your posts will only be shown to a percentage of the people who like the page. For a page with a few likes, it'll be a high percentage. When you get over 1,000 likes, it drops, and for pages with thousands of fans, it's less than 10%.

How many exactly see it depends on what happens when the first people see that content. So if you've got 1000 likes, Facebook might show it to 300 of them initially. If they engage with it a lot, it'll show it to 200 more, and if they do the same, 200 more. If the first 300 don't really engage with it, nobody will see it unless they visit the page.

You can get more people to see your posts by promoting them, but it doesn't sound like that's an option for you at the moment. Remember that this is Facebook's aim, it makes a lot of money through promotion.

The average person has thousands of potential posts ready for their newsfeed when they log in, so Facebook has to weigh up what to serve. That's why it's not showing in "Top Stories". It doesn't really matter about "Most Recent", because like you said, nobody uses that, and depending on how many pages and people someone follows, it could quickly fall down that anyway.

So, work on increasing the amount of people who like the page so you have a bigger potential audience, and making sure that people engage - if they read and move on, Facebook won't show it to more people. Stay within the rules here though - if you start begging people to like or comment, you'll lose fans for looking spammy, and you won't be able to promote.

settlinginproblems Thu 26-Nov-15 11:14:12

Thanks so much Anchor, that makes sense. OK, I'll start by encouraging the other PTA members to like posts and hopefully that will boost the page a bit.

f1fan2015 Thu 26-Nov-15 11:53:49

um I use 'most recent' and just plough through non relevant posts looking for things I want to read partly because I know I will miss things from pages I have liked but facebook does not put on 'top stories'. Part of the reason I prefer the desk top to mobile facebook.

Can you send messages out from the page to let people know when there has been an update?

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