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Which device for sims4

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yongnian Mon 23-Nov-15 19:06:22

Sims-mad DD1 would love Sims4 after having always played simsfreeplay on a hudl.
First thought was to get a laptop so she could also use it for other things (loves vid watching etc). The one ive got my eye on has the min spec for sims4...though not the recommended spec.
Could any knowledgeable kind person take a look?
Are there other devices that might be better for sims4 ie gaming tablet...we don't have x box or anything so I'm a bit in the dark about this kind of stuff.
Pref don't want to go to desktop as don't really have the room or for her to be squirrelled away on for hours at a time. At least with tablet/laptop she's nominally present!

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