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google account icons? and renaming me - giving me the rage...

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ihatevirginmobile Mon 09-Nov-15 22:17:35

My google account icon turned into a pink circle with a person inside ...why?
I have one account that is a group account and it is green ...
Why pink? Is it because I'm female?
I think it is and it is giving me the rage every time I see it - not just cos of gender stereotypes but I have never told google I am far as I am concerned google doesn't need to know my gender ... (I don't have a + account either)
And how come they have stuck my (shortened) first name on my email address? I haven't told them to ....
That sounds odd but I mainly use a shortened form of my name...but my google email address is my full 'posh' name -I don't want another name attached to it - I just want it to be just that.
The only time I give out my google email is to close friends (but actually mainly use another one for even that)
But I would give it someone for eg a job interview when I wouldn't want them to have my shortened name. (Think Liz and Elizabeth but not that...)
They could only have got my shortened name from the fact I have other email accounts that forward onto google... or maybe that I will sign off emails with the shortened form (which i send as if I am using one of my other email accounts)...

I also hate that my contacts on my phone (android and were stored at one point in another google account) now have great big circles attached to them ... I keep dialling people by accident trying to scroll down ...

Afaik I have my privacy settings set as high as they can go - have my (non chrome) browser set to not let me be tracked etc...
What is going on?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Mon 09-Nov-15 22:22:06

Mine is red, and Google does know I'm a girl. As far as I'm aware, it shouldn't be pink or have a figure in it. The shortened version of your name would suggest that you do have a Google plus account under the shortened name and Google has defaulted to it.

I'd be checking that you haven't been hacked. There aren't many browsers more secure than Chrome, what are you using?

The contacts thing is also a Google plus set up. You can adjust it but first you need to work out whose set it up, if it wasn't you.

ihatevirginmobile Tue 10-Nov-15 00:38:48

thanks - haven't been hacked that I know of - actually more or less 100% sure I haven't - very strong password and it isn't 'out there' as such - not used on shopping sites etc etc and won't be in people contacts even...
Wouldn't put it past google to sneakily have set up a google plus account though...whether it is this one I don't know - I'll have to check it out.
My youtube account is linked to a hotmail email and has a nonsense username...
I do have Keep and Calendar linked to my main email but Play is linked to another google email...
I actually have 3 personal google email accounts (2 pink and one blue - the other 2 have nonsense genderless names, they don't receive emails basically they are contact stores as I don't want all my google email contacts on my phone)
Currently have many duplicates of contacts on my phone which I need to sort out ...long story.
(Actually my user name is a clue to why - they sold me a faulty phone - it had to keep going back for repair etc factory resets etc - at one point I was told it was something to do with my google account and even that my android phone might not be compatible with a google account confused shock - anyway fixed now after 9 months (new parts) but am not even using that phone -had to get a temporary one...and in fact I really really really really hate virgin mobile now after messing me around with my DDs account ....and even though I'm not in a fixed term contract with them I can't escape from them just yet angry but I'm trying....I'll spare you the rest of the rant...useless, thieving bastards...and breathe.... )

Using firefox as a browser ...have done for years and never had a problem and like the fact it has script blockers and not for profit etc...

But actually slightly happier if it isn't pink for female...I might take a picture of a bare wall and use that as my 'image' to get rid of it ...
Have managed to change the name to '..' (sadly won't let me leave it blank)...I guess i could put my 'posh' name in there if I needed to...

Ferguson Sat 14-Nov-15 19:54:39

It's probably part of Google's campaign to take over the World!

We have Firefox, and I have two Gmail accounts: one has a capital J in a plum coloured circle (presumably for my initial); the other a dark brown stylized 'man' shape.

At one stage I got 'tricked' in to Google+ , but managed to extricate myself eventually.

I don't have a 'phone' other than a BT line with a £4 Argos handset, as several 'radio' phones failed after a few years.

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