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TRAIN SIMULATOR 2015 (or 2016, 2014) does anyone know about this?

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whenthetimecomes Thu 29-Oct-15 09:04:37

Hi any experts on this game?! - DS wants it badly, won't stop pestering for it. He already has Minecraft on his laptop and tells me he has enough memory for it (I think it's big on memory). He tells me I have to get it off a platform called Steam, but can I really trust this? I'm very averse to being hacked online (who isn't...) also, to risking messing up his laptop which is essential for his schoolwork. I have seen that you can buy a DVD version on Amazon, but wonder if I will still have to sign up for a Steam account.

Please, if anyone has any experience/advice here re: Steam platform, Train Simulator - I would be so grateful to hear it, esp any timely warnings, before taking the plunge and getting this for DS! many thanks in advance flowerssmile

WMittens Thu 29-Oct-15 09:55:46

a platform called Steam, but can I really trust this?

Steam is fine, it's a massive gaming platform/distributor

ValiaH Thu 29-Oct-15 12:11:10

I don't know anything about Train Simulator, but have used Steam a lot, for both myself and my husband. It doesn't cause any problems with the computer, it's basically like buying and downloading music from itunes but for games. You can also play games with people you know over it as well, a little like Minecraft servers.

whenthetimecomes Thu 29-Oct-15 16:09:27

Thank you both for your input - that has put my mind at rest re: the Steam platform anyway. Let's hope the game will work on his laptop (which is quite a new powerful one) and that it doesn't render it unfit for schoolwork afterwards! (its ostensible real purpose...) Very grateful for your comments and experience shared flowers

If anyone has played Train Simulator and has anything to say about it, that would also be gladly received. I have now taken the plunge and ordered him the DVD Rom of TS 2015, having looked at a range of reviews on Amazon for it. Fingers crossed ...

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