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macBook, light room, photography student - at my wits end, any advice?

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TotalConfucius Mon 26-Oct-15 11:57:07

Both dc are now students of photography, obviously at different levels. College and school both use iMac. Both dc have iPads and iPhones. One has a macbook, one uses a Windows desktop at home. But is open to getting a macbook.
Both need Light Room.
I'm not averse to taking out monthly subscriptions for both DC, if that is what's needed. But I want them to be able to access their 'clouds' from all their devices.
Shall I have ds move from Windows to Mac OS then take out the subscription? I've tried having a live chat with an Adobe person but it didn't help.
I'm not stoopid about technology, but I am just totally blank about this aspect. I presume if I buy the OS version of the subscription it can't be used on the Windows machine.but I just don't know and it's sending me into meltdown. Please help if you have anything to offer that won't confuse me more. And if you just want to tell me exactly what to do, without explaining it, that works for me too!

cdtaylornats Tue 27-Oct-15 07:57:33

It is worth reading this

It would be worth buying the annual student subscription for both especially if you can do it by 30th October.

Mac and PC are different licenses, so it might be worth getting both Mac licenses. Having both on the same platform might be a benefit if one fails.

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