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Any Wordpress experts here?

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WalkingThePlank Thu 17-Sep-15 16:03:42

I run a Wordpress website but can't log-in to it to make amendments.

I have forgotten the password. I asked for a password renewal at it has not come through to my email account, including the spam folder.

I requested an assisted account recovery and have had no response.

I registered as a new user and asked for help on the support forum and have had no response.

How do I contact Wordpress to get help?

WalkingThePlank Thu 17-Sep-15 16:20:12

So I've gone to my new-user account and requested a password renewal and that got through to my googlemail.

The wordpress account with the problem is linked to Hotmail and nothing is coming through from Wordpress. What can I do? I have no way to access my website.

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