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Fibre broadband usage

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thehousewife Wed 26-Aug-15 09:31:16

I'm a bit rubbish at IT so would value advise. We recently moved to sky fibre as our speed was sooooo slow, anyhow we chose the free one as it offered 25 GN which I though would be enough. Anyway they emailed last week to say they are moving us to unlimited as we are exceeding this ALOT, they are charging and extra £20 a month for this.
So DH spoke to them last night, they said on average we are using 80-100GB!!!!!
This just doesn't seem right to me? That sounds loads??
Background is only DH, me and 11 year old DD.
DH,works 9-5. DD is at
school I'm a SAHM. I use it for general browsing, Internet shopping etc, maybe spotify for a few hours a week.
DD uses FaceTime quite a bit and maybe YouTube clips. The odd iplayer, we download the odd box set etc. don't have Netflix.
Does this seem right???
Oh we aren't gamers either

EasyFromNowOn Wed 26-Aug-15 15:10:27

downloading box sets will easily use your 25GB allowance, especially if you are choosing the HD versions. My sky box reckons each episode is about 2GB, so 12 episodes over the course of a month and you've hit your limit.
IPlayer is bandwidth hungry, if it detects you've got a stable, high speed connection it will automatically serve you higher quality, so overall, I would say you would easily exceed your allowance in a month.

WMittens Wed 26-Aug-15 15:23:46

I'm on my own but a fairly heavy user: Amazon Instant Video, Youtube, Citrix desktop for work as well as general browsing. I use somewhere between 60-80GB.

Anything with video (and to a lesser extent, audio) streaming such as Facetime will use a lot of bandwidth.

QforCucumber Wed 26-Aug-15 15:32:04

With spotify streaming, watching Iplayer and downloading box sets then yes you will easily use up your allowance.

We have an unlimited allowance with our broadband and are still given a statement which shows we use approx 100gb a month streaming shows and football games and downloading box sets.
Dp also has spotify, he has a playstation so I dread what ti would be if he was online gaming too.

WMittens Wed 26-Aug-15 16:59:01

Dp ... has a playstation so I dread what ti would be if he was online gaming too.

Online gaming doesn't use much bandwidth itself (downloading games/updates is a different matter) as slow connections are anathema to gamers - the less lag the better, so well-designed games tend to transmit and receive only small packets of data, the minimum required to create the right experience.

thehousewife Wed 26-Aug-15 21:01:13

Ah thank you all so much!
I think it's the box sets that are doing it!! I stupidly until yesterday didn't even know that used your internet, I thought it was sky box wizardary!!!
Sky on so aren't having my pants down after all wink

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