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Why has it suddenly started saying clean next to my podcasts in i-tunes?

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CandaceMariePratt Tue 18-Aug-15 14:11:53

I'm not very good on itunes at the best of times but I don't know what this means. And there is a little cloud with an arrow which I am taking is something to do with downloading or the cloud but that isn't next to every item. The "CLEAN" is next to every one from the last month.

EasyFromNowOn Thu 20-Aug-15 19:01:29

It's a content rating, so the shows you have downloaded don't have any adult content in them, as far as I remember.

CandaceMariePratt Thu 20-Aug-15 19:48:25

Really? Most of the podcasts are the Archers Omnibus, so it is wall-to-wall filth wink

romeomorningwhisky Thu 20-Aug-15 19:53:16

Lol thank feck you said CLEAN haha you might have innocently outed yourself!

What does X mean next to all my podcasts ? wink

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