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BT Sport. BT making it impossible for me to get

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Callycatsy Thu 06-Aug-15 10:42:54

Not sure what to do next really. I made a mistake ordering it online, I clicked BT Sport Lite which is free instead of BT Sport. Now I can't get the free 413 channel off my Sky TV and until it goes I can't reorder. I've spent 6 days talking to different people at BT and none of them can help. I've had to cancel the whole order and I think they are hoping it will naturally go off screen and that I'll reorder when it does.

I wouldn't mind but I'm trying to give them my line, broadband and BT sports HD as a whole package!

Is there anything else I can do? Each time I speak to someone I wait 20 minutes in a queue and each time I get fobbed off and told it will resolve itself.

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