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deleting all photos from iPhone - but keeping favourite ones

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darlingbudsofjuly Wed 29-Jul-15 18:57:06

I've been struggling to work out how to do this for at least an hour and i'm no further on!

I've backed all my iPhone pics up to dropbox etc., and I now want to delete EVERYthing apart from my special favourite pictures.

I tried sticking them in a separate folder - when I delete a whole day's worth (as you can, in the albums bit) my favourites went as well.

I tried labelling them as favourites with that little blue heart - they went too.

Any neat trick? Essentially what I want to do is go through, mark my 'favourites' and then easily and quickly delete absolutely everything else. Possible??

SoupDragon Wed 29-Jul-15 18:58:37

Delete everything and then put the favourites back on.

Greymalkin Wed 29-Jul-15 18:59:10

<place marking> I feel your frustration...

darlingbudsofjuly Wed 29-Jul-15 19:18:55

how do i put them back?

PuppyMonkey Wed 29-Jul-15 19:24:25

If you've saved your favourites on Dropbox, can't you just email them individually to your iPhone or send them in a link to your iPhone via email?

BabyNeedsChocolate Wed 29-Jul-15 19:24:59

Email the favourites to yourself, delete everything, then download the favourites to your phone from your email.

If you go into photos (not albums) then years, then select a collection, you can then press select, which ticks every photo in that collection, untick any you want to keep and bin the rest. It's s bit of a faff though.

SoupDragon Wed 29-Jul-15 19:29:08

Open Dropbox on your phone, find the photo you want to save to your phone and save it to your phone (the standard icon that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of the top)

darlingbudsofjuly Wed 29-Jul-15 20:33:40

oh, dropbox on my phone - I've never put it there, that's an idea! (they get to dropbox via some convoluted backup whenever I plug phone into laptop).

thank you v much - I can't believe how complicated it seems to be!

now i need to work out how to delete my phone backup from my computer, as it's eaten every bit of spare space, and the pics are all elsewhere anyway - any ideas how I do that??!

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