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Hudl2 micro sd card

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ladymalfoy Tue 21-Jul-15 16:05:54

We are trying to down load films to a micro sd card. However we can only get part of the film before the recording fails.
How can we download to the sd card and bypass the hudl memory?

tribpot Tue 21-Jul-15 16:08:28

Are you trying to transfer the movie from a laptop? If yes, Windows or Mac?

On the Mac I use something called 'Android File Transfer', which allows me to move stuff direct to the SD card.

Alternatively, you probably have an SD card slot in your laptop. So you could take the card out of the Hudl, put it in an adapter (micro SD to regular SD) and then into the laptop.

If you're actually trying to download, i.e. from the internet, I'm not aware that you can direct the download straight to the card. You would probably need to clear enough space on the internal memory of the Hudl.

ladymalfoy Tue 21-Jul-15 16:28:23

Brilliant, tribot. That makes sense. We've got the little case to make the micro card bigger, iykwim?
So basically, card in laptop, then just shove it in the Hudl?
By shove I mean push it in not like bang it around.

ladymalfoy Tue 21-Jul-15 16:30:25

Actually, we're trying to download movies from Sky.
Do we download to laptop anyway?

ladymalfoy Tue 21-Jul-15 16:31:13

b. I missed the b from your UN.

tribpot Tue 21-Jul-15 19:27:48

Ah, if it's Sky Go I think you're stuck thread from Sky forums here. Due to licensing restrictions the movies can't be moved to an SD card.

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