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Anyone know anything about old Blackberrys?

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lalalonglegs Sun 19-Jul-15 21:03:53

My husband gave his old Blackberry Curve 9630 to my 11yo daughter. We went to get a new sim for it today and managed to get it unlocked using an internet-generated code. However, it will not let us add an internet email for her - when we go to Set Up, it just takes us to Enterprise set up which I think is some Blackberry specific email service. Any ideas what we can do? I have tried doing a security wipe but the same problem persists.

ThreeQuartersEmpty Mon 20-Jul-15 16:57:18

Is the phone an old work one of your DH's? Enterprise is usually linked to a corporate server.
You need BIS and you need to make sure you have private data with your carrier.

lalalonglegs Mon 20-Jul-15 17:15:37

Thanks for answering. No, it's his old personal phone. There is no option on the phone for BIS and when I have tried to get on via desktop site, I get a message saying it cannot open an account.

ThreeQuartersEmpty Mon 20-Jul-15 17:30:42

Check your carrier then. You need bb data with the sim you bought.

lalalonglegs Mon 20-Jul-15 17:32:38

OK, thanks.

lalalonglegs Mon 20-Jul-15 17:33:54

Weirdly, I can get internet access on it confused

ThreeQuartersEmpty Mon 20-Jul-15 18:00:20

Yes, but the carrier (O2 etc) need to set it up specifically for a blackberry.

lalalonglegs Mon 20-Jul-15 18:10:34

Brilliant. I will contact Virgin.

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