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Playroom monitoring - wi-fi web cam / CCTV?

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FusionChefGeoff Tue 14-Jul-15 11:09:15

We've just converted our cellar into a playroom and would love to put in a live feed so I can see what is happening if I'm not in there. Don't need a record facility but was hoping for something wi-fi.

Originally, I had though of a system with a screen supplied that I would put up in the kitchen and I am still interested in what might work on that basis. But I don't even know what to google!

However, I've also realised that I might be able to do what I need by using a webcam and then picking up the feed on my iPad. Downside with this is that I wouldn't be able to catch up with Hollyoaks whilst cooking!!wink

Anyone who understands all this give me any information / advice??


cdtaylornats Tue 14-Jul-15 11:23:55

D-link wireless security camera. Tesco, Staples, Maplin all sell this or similar.

The D-link is the one I've used and it would seem to be the one to suit you.

FusionChefGeoff Tue 14-Jul-15 18:43:18

Thanks very much, will have a look at those now.

CurlsLDN Tue 14-Jul-15 18:48:34

What about a video baby monitor? We have this and plan to continue using it once he's older and playing in his room
It captures a fairly wide image, but you can also move the camera around using the handset. It all works on wifi and you can run the handset on battery, so prop it up on the kitchen counter while watching hollyoaks and cooking!
There's also the option to add another camera to the same set up and flick between, if say you wanted to put one in their room as well.
Oh and I got ours half price at argos, it seems to go on offer fairly regularly

NetworkGuy Wed 15-Jul-15 00:42:22

There are other options possibly worth considering, such as free webcam Apps for smartphones... I used a couple of older Android phones, one as webcam the other to view. I'd recommend a timer switch so the camera phone gets say 3-4 hours charging and then 3-4 hours not charging (times depend on your phone and battery state, of course).

Link to home router and possible to use the camera phone as internal 'security' camera while away on holiday (if abroad, use hotel wi-fi not mobile a/c). Change default port number to something unusual (eg 5 digit prime number) .... needs some minor router configuration, in some cases, to allow access. Works best with fixed IP from your ISP.

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