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Help with deregistering a Kindle Fire please?

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lucyjordon Mon 13-Jul-15 17:35:35

Disclaimer - I use Amazon a lot but don't have any sort of Kindle, or know much about them.

ExH bought DS (ten) a kindle fire hd for xmas. he set it all up for him and when DS came home I couldn't work out what he had done so just left it all. I wanted DS to be able to access stuff I buy on amazon, music etc, and couldn't find a way of getting this to work. Somehow I added my account to DS kindle so he could buy games on my account. I realise now what ExH did was set DS up with a new adult account and a fake credit card number attached. (This explains all the post I have had from Amazon addressed to DS, offering him prime...)

After an incident with DS buying stuff from my amazon account and lying about it (!), what I want to do is set him up as a child on my Amazon account so he can see content I want to share with him and I can limit what he does. I want to get rid of this adult account that has been set up in his name. Is the easiest way to do this to deregister it, or should I go back to factory settings? I know he will lose a lot of games but that's just going to have to happen I think.

Thank you. sorry for long winded post!

INickedAName Mon 13-Jul-15 17:43:39

Is it the Amazon AppStore app?

Would signing out of that from your sons account and then signing back in from your account work? You can sign out under settings. You can then enable parental controls that makes it so you require a password for downloads I think. He'd be able to keep installed apps this way too.

Actually there'd be nothing stopping him just signing back in on his old one, if you know the password to his own account you could change that and not tell him the new one.

After reading that back through, de-registering sounds easier smile

Lovingtheseagulls Mon 13-Jul-15 17:44:20

Not sure about kindle fire but on my dd's paperwhite I just put her kindle onto kindle for kids and set a password to get it back to adult. So basically I can put her kindle to normal, using the password, so she can buy books. I then add them to her kindle for kids library and set it back to kids. Does that make sense? You can't buy stuff while its on kindle for kids and she doesn't know the password to get it back to normal! Does that make sense?? Alternatively you can go onto Amazon website and find the contact us where you can click on live chat and you can ask for help. They are very good and managed to unlock my kindle from their end when I forgot my password!!

lucyjordon Mon 13-Jul-15 19:14:46

Thank you all. I understand how to do the kids stuff, it's just that because Exh has set him up as an adult on that device, what I reakky want to do is delete that account. I think I will try deregisterng!

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