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Need help with music system for phone / car / itunes etc

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Ruggles Sun 12-Jul-15 10:55:40


I'd really appreciate some help. I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes to music and keep leaving it to DH who 'hasn't got around to it' for the last four years...

Can someone help me find out what I need to buy?
- I want to able to listen to my music, things on my itunes and Audible at home and in the car. I have a new snazzy BMW i3 but I can only listen to the radio in it at the moment blush
- I've got a Macbook with quite a few things stored on itunes
- Have an iphone, but don't know how to work the music side of it
- DH has an ipod but he takes this off in his car

We are planning to renovate our house and install a house-wide music system, hence all the delays. But I'm fed up with waiting! We don't know which whole house system to go for either..

Any advice or pointers gratefully received!!

Thank you!

Gozogozo Mon 13-Jul-15 08:56:17

Whole house system...Sonos.
Just done this so looked at pure Jong, Samsung and others. Sonos works most smoothly and although there are small niggles with the phone apps you use to control it different rooms, they are vanishingly small when you are desperate for music & books of your choice, as I was & as you seem to be smile .

Be aware though that iplayer isn't supported by anything I think - was removed due to the bbc changing formats back in February, but all companies are working hard on solutions ie changing formats to match, so that should be a relatively short term issue, I hope.
Glad I didn't give away the blue tooth speakers though.

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