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help with my Sony xperia m4 before I smash it!

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TheReluctantBride Wed 08-Jul-15 23:37:23

My internal memory is full - I have installed a big Sd card but can't seem to transfer more than a few pics to it. whenever I ask it to transfer it says it has 0 pictures 0 music etc to move! have also.deleted lots to no avail. is there a deleted items bin I need to empty? I hate this phone it seems to save things in triplicate in add places - photos, album and gallery for example.... any kind mumsnetter take pity on me!?

prh47bridge Thu 09-Jul-15 07:39:03

Your phone isn't storing things in triplicate. The fact that a photo shows up in three apps just means that all three of them are finding the same photo. It does not mean there are three copies of the photo on your device.

How are you trying to move stuff to the SD card? If it says there is nothing to move it is possible that all your pictures, music files, etc. are on the SD card already.

You can try moving apps to the SD card. Go into Settings and look for Application Manager (or Applications depending on Android version). You won't be able to move all the apps but you may be able to move some. Tap on an app and see if there is a "Move to SD card" option.

Built in apps can't be moved but may have an "Uninstall updates" button. If an app has had several updates you will save space by uninstalling the updates and letting the phone reinstall the latest update.

TheReluctantBride Thu 09-Jul-15 18:11:11

thanks that's helpful.
it's the way it saves that it frustrating. if you crop an image for example the original is still there but the cropped image saved somewhere else. just makes it difficult to delete lots and make room.

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