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best online photo sharing?

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Bea Wed 08-Jul-15 08:23:22

Getting to the ned of year and ds is leaving primary... i've always taken photos of his class throughout the years and have 100's of pics ... from nursery to y6!

I want to share them online with the whole class... my idea is that i pop them all online... just for a limited time so parents can view and download the pics they want... (much easier then popping all photos onto a dvd and giving to them - which was my initial idea! that would take me days!!!)

which is the best site to use... thinking of flickr... ?
but can't tell if people will be able to download the pics they want...

so to summarise... i need

i free online site...
i can upload a lot of pics
make available to guest/invitation only
guests can pick and choose which photos to upload ONLY!(no admin rights i.e. delete/move/rename)

reliable and secure...



but then again... i'm beginning to think the amount of time i've been thinking and searching for suitable site... i might have just created the 30+ copies by now!!!! grin

Cindy34 Thu 09-Jul-15 23:35:32

Picasa lets you share via an email link to the album but I think they need a google account.

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