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Looking for LED lamps...

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NetworkGuy Sat 04-Jul-15 09:15:57

... but not just any old LED lamps ...

I've added an image showing a lamp I bought some 12-18 months ago on Ebay and wonder if anyone spots similar, whether they could post in this thread (no matter how long after you read this!)

The one I bought has 5 x 5 LEDs (as you can see on the photo) but there were other models with more. I'm on the lookout for anything up to 20 (identical) lamps...

One of my clients has an art gallery and I can see it being handy to have some lamps to illuminate the wall and artwork on the wall, without being dazzling for the viewer. Just that I've been hunting for a while and cannot spot any similar lamps.

The one I bought has an E27 screw fitting (fine for adjusting the angle) but GU10 or even B22 would be OK, as there are adaptors - so for example, with the Bayonet fitting, plugged into an E27 adaptor, the E27 could be rotated for the correct angle).

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

NetworkGuy Sat 04-Jul-15 09:34:18

OK, variation in request - would appreciate it if anyone spots these lamps at lower cost - I did spot one just looking again at some 40,000 listings... but it was more by luck (see and you'll understand) ... the photo hardly shows off the way the LEDs are oriented at 90 degrees!

nannynick Sun 05-Jul-15 15:06:36

This is similar but not quite the same.

6w E27 LED PL

This one is also similar
5w PLC Led - several head types inc E27.

Looks like they are known as: PL-C LED Tubes
This one looks bigger than your example.

nannynick Sun 05-Jul-15 15:10:27

To get the cost down, perhaps try finding them on aliexpress or madeinchina and have them shipped direct.

NetworkGuy Mon 06-Jul-15 00:24:07

Thanks for the feedback... Yes, several seem to be at the high end of numbers of LEDs (the 5x5 was definitely the smallest, but I think I paid under 3 quid, admittedly in an auction, so perhaps a long way below 'regular' buy-it-now pricing), and at truly significant cost.

Am just puzzled that there aren't (m)any on Ebay nowadays.

Ferguson Sat 18-Jul-15 19:57:28

You might find something here:

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