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Does anyone use Mac with Parallels?

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bottersnikes Wed 01-Jul-15 15:16:13

I currently have a Windows laptop, which I don't like, but which can run all the work-related software I need (I work from home).

I would love to get a Mac, from both a design and reliability point of view, but am unsure about how fluid it would be running my software using Parallels (annoyingly, there is no Mac version of the software).

Does anyone do this? How do you find it? Do you have one monitor or two, or a Macbook and a monitor etc?

codewaist Thu 02-Jul-15 08:28:10

Take a look at the Lenovo yoga2 or 3 or the Asus zenbooks they look better than the more run of the mill commodity PC laptops and are closer in size to a macbook.

Can't really comment on the reliability. I don't really like windows 8.1 but hopefully 10 will be better

widowerbutok Thu 02-Jul-15 15:07:09

Hi, yes I have Parallels 9, started with 8 but when when Apple upgraded to Yosemite I upgraded Parallels too. Have found it very good, no problems. You realise you have to buy a copy of Windows for it, I am still on Windows 7. All the old Microsoft SW works ok but be aware that some do not work on Windows 8 I am told, so worth checking on Google. I have a macbook pro.

Hope this helps

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