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Need help to chose a printer

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PigeonsAreFriends Wed 24-Jun-15 22:14:56

I'm helping a friend, who runs a charity, to find a decent printer.

Needs to be laserjet, fairly good quality printing (not top end) but with inexpensive toners.

Can anyone recommend one? Thanks.

hollyisalovelyname Sun 28-Jun-15 10:45:35


hollyisalovelyname Wed 01-Jul-15 17:36:39


DanFmDorking Sat 04-Jul-15 23:22:29

Inkjet or Laser?
Colour or Black & White?
Printing A4 only?
Automatic Double sided printing?

DanFmDorking Sat 04-Jul-15 23:23:12

Fax capability?

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