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Can I 'record' a video on my laptop?

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Katymac Tue 02-Jun-15 21:08:07

So if I'm playing a video Vimeo/youtube; can I record/save it on my laptop to look at off-line?

prh47bridge Tue 02-Jun-15 23:54:26

Not directly, no. However there are websites that will convert the video to a format your laptop can understand (MP3, MP4, AVI or whatever) and download it for you.

Cindy34 Wed 03-Jun-15 06:58:03

Yes, screen capture software can record video if your system is fast enough.

Some video sources such as YouTube may offer a download facility, on non-commercial videos.

NetworkGuy Wed 03-Jun-15 11:25:20

There's a video download add-on for Chrome browser but no idea if it will download from Vimeo, sorry. Search the Chrome extensions for "Video Downloader professional". It was free.

I have disabled YouTube on this system (or sufficient of the tracking services of Google that breaks YouTube, so have not tested it with YT on this iMac).

You may end up with Flash Video ( .flv ) and not everything will play those. VLC may do, so all is not lost (VLC is a free download too).

NetworkGuy Wed 03-Jun-15 11:26:30

I'll try d/l from Vimeo when I return home - must dash as I've an appointment. sorry.

Katymac Wed 03-Jun-15 20:02:13

Thanks - I have more information to search on now

I'll let you know if I succeed

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