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How to hack into a Facebook account?

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BangaloreStories Fri 29-May-15 13:59:13

I know someone who'd like to hack into their DV ex's Facebook account. I have to phrase the question in this manner for obvious reasons. Let's call her Jane.

It's a fake profile he created which slanders and uploads revenge style photos, including private texts that Jane has sent to him relating to child contact issues.

I've looked at Facebook terms and conditions and it's basically dissolving itself of all imply, and just suggesting concerned users report the profile. This has been reported several times over several months with no result.

The profile also has Jane's name (along with their childrens, obviously) so is publcily searchable by anyone who knows of Jane. Or indeed the children.

Not that is neccessary as he Friend Requested all of Jane's friends, family, work colleagues, etc when he first created the profile, so all those people, some formerly unaware Jane had a DV past, now know all the juicy details as he's published so much, mostly outright lies, the rest embellished and twisted. He's painted Jane as heinous and evil in this profile.

Fortunately he seems to be unaware which schools the children attend at the moment otherwise he'd have no qualms about forwarding the profile onto the children's teachers, the headmaster, and so on.

The eldest child, give it at best 2 or 3 more years, I suppose will be exploring Facebook for the first time, and they will doubtless come across this profile. The content therein will be traumatising for them I have no doubt.

The majority of the profile is cloaked, so whilst his friend list is invisible, Jane can see he is present on other people's friend lists if she looks at their's. There's also activity to show he does post regularly as some photos appear in his Timeline photo folder.

Basically, Jane would like to see for herself the extent of the revenge photos uploaded, the written content, and so on. Because she needs to make a decision once and for all as to whether such a man (who to date hasn't seen or contacted the children for 4 years) should be offered an olive branch and remain informed of their general welfare and so on, or if the actions with the profile suggest he's an individual that's too much of a liability to be around his own children.

Hacking apparently happens all the time. How hard can it be?

DragonWithAGirlTattoo Fri 29-May-15 14:06:31

'Jane' can see what he is sharing if she uses one of 'his friends' profile to look at it. Is there anyone else who would let her look?

BangaloreStories Fri 29-May-15 14:10:19

Surprisingly, the few of his friends that are also Facebook friends with him, are actually quite ethical and upstanding people, so they wouldn't want to get involved. They kept well out of everything that was going on at the time too.
That avenue therefore isn't available :/

DragonWithAGirlTattoo Fri 29-May-15 14:17:23

Well then the only other course of action would be to contact the police then if its truly slander

Friends who don't want to 'get involved' are not friends - they could say its not bad stuff - or they know it is and help Jane sort it out

HeresMyBrightIdea Fri 29-May-15 14:22:02

Don't hack his Facebook. It isn't that difficult, if you know what you are doing. She doesn't, though, and it's easy to trigger the security warnings, and he'd then have emails and possibly texts giving the IP address and approximate location of the hacking attempt. Which wouldn't make Jane look any better. Anything she finds couldn't be used against him because she gained it illegally, and she'd have to be very careful about ever admitting seeing anything to him because he'd then have evidence that she'd hacked him.

BangaloreStories Fri 29-May-15 14:26:14

Good points, BrightIdea

LilithTheKitty Fri 29-May-15 14:43:54

She could make a fake profile and either send him a friend request or befriend the fake herself and see if he adds it. That way she would be able to see what he's posting.

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