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iPhone 4S won't send SMS or MMS with photo attachments - what am I going wrong?

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PacificDogwood Thu 21-May-15 22:42:51

I've switched if off and on again grin

I've cursed at it.
I've looked at stuff in 'settings'.
WiFi and 3G working fine.
Turns out I can also not receive photos confused

Any ideas??
Please don't make me go to the AppleStore <begs>

webjunkie Thu 21-May-15 22:56:09

I have a payg on my iPhone which allows me lots of free texts. However, included in that price is not photos. Could that be it?

PacificDogwood Thu 21-May-15 22:57:49

Nope, it's a contract.
I am always miles away from using all my data allowance unless on holiday abroad

Thanks for taking an interest in my plight though thanks

webjunkie Thu 21-May-15 23:03:36

No problem. I spent ages wondering why this was happening to me. Hopefully someone else will be along soon with some more ideas

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 09:16:04

Any TechnoBods around this morning? smile

Moondreamer Fri 22-May-15 09:38:59

Once I had this and the apple store guy told me to make sure I had the most recent iOS. Another time (I don't have much luck with phones) a reset where you press the top sleep button and the home button together until it restarted worked. There's also loads of other tips about checking specific settings etc if you google. Good luck, it's really frustrating isn't it confused

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 09:40:17

Yes, I've had a google and had a look at the Apply support site - just confused me more… blush

Moondreamer Fri 22-May-15 09:48:31

When all else fails I just call my service provider and let them talk me through all the steps. It's a bit lame when the answer's probably there on the internet but sometimes even understanding the suggestions is a challenge for me grin

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 09:51:18

Oh, I could do that, thanks! It had not occurred to me to contact my service provider.
Yy to struggle understanding the proposed fixes.

differentnameforthis Fri 22-May-15 10:32:10

Have you got MMS messaging turned on?

MMS button should be highlighted green

Failing that, throw it away & get a better nother phone. wink

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 11:01:15

Yes, I checked, I have.

I don't want another phone - it took me long enough to get semi-used to this one!!

NetworkGuy Fri 22-May-15 14:37:36

Unsure which model iPhone my sister has, but she either sends photos as attachments in e-mail, or via WhatsApp. The transfer of the photo comes out of her data allowance.

My contract offers plenty of minutes(2000 + 5000), texts (5000), and data (unlimited), but does not include MMS (and as I have my contract capped, will block any service which costs extra such as international, MMS, premium rate).

Some contracts offer a limited number of "included" MMS but not all. Probably best check with your network. Also check whether there is anything special needed to get MMS to work (I know when I started a different contract with The People's Operator, they sent some special 'setup' texts to configure the internet and MMS settings - though I have disabled MMS permanently).

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo Fri 22-May-15 14:40:12

My contract 4s started doing this, all of a sudden, a few years ago. It would send photos to other iphones but not other makes.

I tried everything to get it sorted but resorted to getting everyone to use Whatsapp instead.

Not much help to you, I know, but wanted you to know that you are not alone!

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 14:42:23

Yes, it started refusing sending photos quite out of the blue too - both to other iPhones and to Android.
And it's on a contract, so no data limit.
I've never really liked my phone and this has not made me feel fonder about it hmm
Thanks for everybody's input.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 22-May-15 14:47:03

Your APN settings are probably wrong. Google or contact your service provider to find out what they are.

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 17:04:51

Oh, the APN thing sounds promising, thank you!

Now tell me, is EE now 3 or something??
How do I contact my provider? blush
I thought there would be an easy way to find them on my actually phone… gah.

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 17:13:46

Ignore me, just found their number <rolls up sleeves to figure this out>

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 22-May-15 17:14:35

Hm, I just googled for you and it looks like EE locks you out of your APN settings sad

But you could try this:

"The APN data is sent from the network in the form of the carrier file update on all iPhones. The only thing you can do is make sure you have the latest carrier file by going to Settings>General>About. If a new carrier file is available, you will get a pop-up box asking to you instal it. Always completely reboot your iPhone after installing a new carrier file update."

If that doesn't work you need to contact them and complain about paying money for a service you're not getting.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 22-May-15 17:16:48

Now tell me, is EE now 3 or something

I'd hazard a guess that your MMS stopped working when they switched over? They've probably changed the APN settings and not pushed the updates to your phone.

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 17:33:05

Oh my confused

So, my carrier is EE, but the contract is with Orange (that is who they changed over from, it's all coming flooding back to me now grin). It's a business contract and I am a 'user', not the contract holder IYSWIM.
At least that's what the lad said I spoke to who sounded about 12.

They are sending me an SMS which I have to delete, then switch the phone off and on again and hey presto! It's all going to work. Apparently…


PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 17:39:22

Didn't work sad

He did say if might take 24 hrs…. I'll just have to wait and see, won't I?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 22-May-15 17:42:05

You did turn your phone on and off properly (holding down button ) rather than just turn in screen on and off?...

PacificDogwood Fri 22-May-15 17:44:18

Yes, I did grin

I'll try again tomorrow although I can only phone them again on weekdays, I think.
Ah well, it's not a life-or-death situation, I guess.

Thanks for your help, I think you nailed it.

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