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Virus pop up won't disappear!

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AhoyMcCoy Thu 21-May-15 15:16:11

Have tried to attach pic to show the message on my laptop. Says my computer has a virus and I need to call some dodgy number but when I press OK it doesn't disappear. I can't go on any other webpages. Shutting down my laptop and restarting it doesn't work, whenever I start it back up, the same internet page is still there! I only got my laptop a month or so ago and paid for anti virus protection so I have no idea what I've done wrong! Can anyone help?!

cdtaylornats Thu 21-May-15 17:42:00

Can you try restoring it to a saved restore point.

Chanatan Fri 22-May-15 06:58:45

ds had this virus,it had actually disabled his antivirus,I tried all the virus ,malware scanners but gave up and restored it to factory settings,it seemed to be a particularly nasty virus.

CaveMum Fri 22-May-15 15:35:44

I've had similar happen to me.

Switch your computer off by holding down the power button. Then restart in Safe Mode: press F8 several times while it starts up, you'll get a message asking if you want to start up in safe mode.

Then go online and download a free antivirus like Malwarebytes ( Hopefully this will get rid of the virus for you.

AhoyMcCoy Fri 22-May-15 20:45:28

Ended up restoring to factory settings - safe mode wasn't working at all, but restoring to factory settings stopped it thank goodness! Definitely had anti virus there so no idea how it got past it - will keep a close eye on it from now! Thanks all.

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