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Question to those that get how file sharing works

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FallenThroughTheRabitHole Thu 21-May-15 14:29:12

Sorry, I admit I posted in Chat first before realising there was a section more relevant to my question:

If I put a file on my Dropbox or OneDrive and send the link to a few people would it be possible to see who has downloaded the file or viewed it if they're not logged in to their own account? i.e in theory the file is public but only available to those with the link.
Would it be possible to pin point the exact people who either view it or download it? And if one of the recipients sends the link to someone else and they view it or download it would it be possible to see that? Even if not exactly name and address but to see some sort of IP address thereby guesstimating who it could have been.

waterlily200 Wed 27-May-15 05:52:54

I sent a link to some family members from dropbox and they sent it onto a another family member and they were able to open it no bother. But I only knew this happened because I was told by them.

prh47bridge Thu 28-May-15 10:24:32

Neither Dropbox nor OneDrive will tell you who has seen or downloaded the file. There is an add-in for Dropbox from Orangedox ( that apparently gives you this information. I have not used this myself so this is not a recommendation.

RoosterCogburn Fri 29-May-15 14:50:44

You could (theoretically) set up a google short url with the dropbox link which you share and this will tell you how many people have opened the link.
It tells you which country they are in and what device they used but nothing more specific

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