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Have you got an Android phone you love?

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FiveHoursSleep Fri 15-May-15 16:21:08

Please tell me about it!
It's upgrade time for me and I have no idea what to get. There is too much choice for me.
I use my phone for web browsing, social media, writing, listening to audible and taking photos.
I am with EE atm but don't mind changing as coverage is shite where I live.

VodkaVomitANDPoo Fri 15-May-15 16:23:15

The Sony Xperia is wonderful. End grin

FiveHoursSleep Fri 15-May-15 16:24:31

BTW I have a Note 2 atm and it suits me just fine but a better camera would be nice.

Nevergoingtolearn Fri 15-May-15 16:24:48

Go have the Samsung s5 , got it as a upgrade on EE and it's the best phone I have had, works faster than the iPhone and camera is pretty good too.

BuzzardBird Fri 15-May-15 16:27:04

HTC oneM8

orangemog Fri 15-May-15 19:01:12

I'm on my third Xperia and I love them. Third because I upgrade when a newer model comes out, that is - not because they broke! I prefer the 'compact' models as I don't like big phones.

Dumpylump Fri 15-May-15 19:02:35

hTC One M8 here too, it's a great phone, and I love it probably more than is healthy!

VixxFace Fri 15-May-15 19:03:22

samsung galaxy s3 it's great.

VixxFace Fri 15-May-15 19:03:32


VivaLeBeaver Fri 15-May-15 19:04:20

I love my samsung Galaxy apart from I have to have it on silent all the time as I can't work out how to turn beeps off when someone messages me on Facebook. If I didn't have the fb app on the phone it would be perfect.

FiveHoursSleep Fri 15-May-15 19:05:17

orangemog is the compact exactly the same as the bigger phoe, except for size?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Fri 15-May-15 19:05:37

If you can find one get a nexus 5.

Buttercup27 Fri 15-May-15 19:07:43

Love love love my Samsung s5, but I haven't found a Samsung product u don't love!

AHotDenseState Fri 15-May-15 19:09:26

LG G3 - love it! Nearly got the Moto X which looks fab too.

DH has the Z3 compact and very pleased with it.

HmmAnOxfordComma Fri 15-May-15 19:10:35

Xperia x 3 here too. Love them, as do all the people I know who have them. They have the best cameras on the market.

lloydlf33 Fri 15-May-15 19:11:18

I've always had Samsung's s2, s3, s5 all been brilliant but last upgrade I took a leap and went for the LG G3 and it is amazing. I never thought I'd say it but better than samsung

Becles Fri 15-May-15 19:16:28

Samsung note3. LOVE itstar

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo Fri 15-May-15 19:18:26

Another Xperia Z3 compact owner. It took a few days to get used to it after an iphone but now I love it

INickedAName Fri 15-May-15 19:20:20

viva hold on the app icon! then press "app info" then uncheck the show notifications box and it'll stop the alerts.

I have the galaxy s4 and I love it, the camera is brill, and the s6 sounds a lot better. I tend to keep my phones until they die, but I'll def be getting galaxy when uograde time comes.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 15-May-15 19:31:49

Thanks,will try that now. I've asked on here before and googled and never got Ann answer!

snozzlemaid Fri 15-May-15 19:35:43

Moto g. Great phone for about £150.
Has great reviews everywhere too.

FiveHoursSleep Fri 15-May-15 20:31:47

Thanks all. Lots of choice there!confused

Spydra Fri 15-May-15 20:58:30

Another HTC One M8 here (the mini one because I have short thumbs!)

ManicPixieDream Fri 15-May-15 21:07:40

Another Samsung Note lover here. I currently have a 3. It's everything I want in a phone and more. It's perfect. star

lougle Fri 15-May-15 21:31:36

Galaxy Note 3. It's fab.

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