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Which tablets? Mostly about blocking facilities

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ImpatientGriselda2 Mon 04-May-15 17:58:03

I can't believe I'm asking about gadgets on Mumsnet. I used to know so much about this stuff when I was younger. But you guys will presumably know a lot about blocking and permissions on them

Looking for a cheapish tablet. Would prefer if the OS wasn't Google / Android.

Hoping for something with most of the following capabilities:
- can have accounts where only specific designated apps can be used

- where permissions aren't automatically age-related, so an adult user could have an account where they can, say, watch any certificate films on Netflix but also have the access to some other stuff limited to reduce time-wasting.

- something that can have a keyboard facility disabled in an account, or text use limited only to a small number of characters, so the user can passively browse, click on things, and perhaps login if necessary but not post comments on the internet

- Can you use Firefox with addons and browser extensions in a tablet or some tablets? (What an unbelieveably dunce question this is, given all the stuff I know about older tech.)

- Reasonable size, for watching TV and films - size of a largish laptop screen would be good.

-Brightness controls (presumably they have these) so it can be used for reading ebooks without huge amounts of glare

-Are there any tablets that can be used outside or is the glare always too bad?

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