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Disconnecting Teens from the 'Net...

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NetworkGuy Sat 25-Apr-15 04:58:01

Interesting piece in > The Guardian < and good to see that plenty of teens (in the study group) saw how having a mobile on the net was affecting them.

SecretSquirrels Thu 07-May-15 18:35:29

King Canute I'm afraid.
Teens are never going to live life without devices, better to teach them how to manage them and moderate their own use.
Having said that going without for a time is a good lesson.
When DC were little I had a no device rule on Wednesdays. I caved in when they got to about 13 though.

NetworkGuy Thu 07-May-15 19:45:50

Yes, can imagine "Luddite Wednesday" could cause a riot...

I think that banning is always a problem, whether it be devices, freedom of speech, or content (films, video, etc), so agree that far better to teach self moderation and explain the problems of addiction (to games, porn, etc...)

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