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smart tv Internet connection

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HellonHeels Sat 31-Jan-15 22:39:19

I'm having a struggle getting my smart tv to work on iplayer - keeps just pausing or getting stuck. Is there a way to make it work better?

seems to work ok with Netflix but has the occasional stuckness that doesn't last long.
Thanks for any help!

suitsyousir Sat 31-Jan-15 22:47:50

I have the same problem with our virgin tivo box. iplayer is really sluggish and keeps freezing or jumping. netflix and stuff is fine, but iplayer is crap.

NetworkGuy Sun 01-Feb-15 00:00:29

Have either of you tried to check your download speed ?

On some players, iPlayer has HD (high definition) option which would demand much more data and if you don't have adequate speed for downloads, you'd get the infamous hour-glass (or rotating dial) showing the system is buffering.

Also, have you found the same happens at different times of day, or just during the late afternoon or into the evening - 16:00 to 22:00 ? If that's the case, it could be your ISP is overloaded, so maybe next time you post (HH) you could identify the ISP (?)

Finally (for now), are you one of several using the internet at the same time, so "in competition" perhaps with a teenager watching pop videos or YouTube perhaps?

HellonHeels Sun 01-Feb-15 12:03:12

Thanks for the suggestions Networkguy

I'm using the cheapest unlimited option for Sky broadband, ie not the superfast one. Have got an HD option on the iplayer but not using that. I do use it only in the evening which presumably is peak demand time.

No one else using anything at the same time...except me on my phone. I will stop that grin

Oddly it only seems to be the TV that's affected, iplayer works fine on my ipad. Could it be the TV needs some help?

I'll have a look at that website when I'm home - thanks for the help thanks

suitsyousir Sun 01-Feb-15 23:07:02

yep im on 30mg (confirmed with and there are only me and my dp playing on our phones. never have any problems with netflix or YouTube on tivo or with the Internet in general. iplayer, whether hd on or not is crap.

zgaze Sun 01-Feb-15 23:15:13

I have constant problems with this (is your smart TV a Samsung??) and have done lots of exhaustive internet research...general consensus seems to be that it's the wifi chip in the TVs that are just a bit crap. When the signal drops slightly - not cuts out but just weakens or whatever it is that it does - the TV loses it entirely, whereas other devices like iPads with better chips manage to maintain a connection. Apparently wifi boosters can help a bit but it is a common problem.

NetworkGuy Thu 05-Feb-15 15:31:56

Sorry - had a bit of a busy week.

sys - I wonder whether it is just iPlayer (servers) keeling over under the strain? They've hinted at moving BBC 3 to internet only, perhaps a result of lots of existing teens /twenties /etc already using the internet for accessing what they like from the channel by that method.

I know in some instances things don't have space for a network cable but lots of times I regard Wi-Fi as work of the devil because of the problems it throws up - with a cable I can see if the LED switches on to show a connection, but Wi-Fi is just 'mystery' and a pain when signal strength is low.

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