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tryingtokeepintune Wed 28-Jan-15 15:20:22

One of my resolutions this year is to learn something new so I thought learning to debug my computer would be rather useful. Does anyone know of any such courses? Is there even one? I don't want to write a programme etc, just to periodically get rid of all the bugs onmy computer and to understand what is going on. Right now, I do not know what to delete, whether the file is safe or not etc. Someone told me to do this every 6 months.

cdtaylornats Thu 29-Jan-15 09:21:02

I think you should probably look for a simple computer start-up course. That and a good antivirus plus malwarebytes, running regular (daily) scans should keep your computer safe. Debugging commonly refers to programming. You might want to get the Which free guide as well.

Cindy34 Thu 29-Jan-15 14:15:22

I would not trust myself to know what to delete. I would just run software like CCleaner. Regularly virus scan. Do regular backups of vital data. May run a defragger if really necessary.

tryingtokeepintune Thu 29-Jan-15 16:41:33

Ok thanks. Will have a think about what i really am aiming for.

Cindy34 Thu 29-Jan-15 19:36:20

Maybe there is a book which covers that sort of thing. The "For Dummies" series of books are good for many computing topics.

trackrBird Fri 30-Jan-15 01:27:25

I'm guessing you just want to clean your computer of redundant files and the like - sometimes called 'disk housekeeping?'

My tips would be similar to those above:
- use a good anti malware program and scan frequently
- download and use CCleaner to remove redundant file clutter
- if your computer take a while to start up, consider using a startup control program such as Winpatrol. If you use the paid version it will help you identify which programs are running in the background on your machine

Steps like this will keep things running smoothly.
The Dummies series is very good if you want to learn more generally, or you could try a forum or magazine just to dip a toe in

tryingtokeepintune Wed 04-Feb-15 14:51:42

Thank you for those tips.

Yes, I do want to clean my computer and get it to start up quicker. I downloaded something awhile back and although I deleted it and it now takes forever to start up.

Thinking that this type of course is something our children need to be taught in school.

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