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How do I limit Internet usage on iPhone 4S

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HexBramble Sun 18-Jan-15 21:13:32

My bills are far too high for my usage. I've switched location services off and for the last two months, I thought my bills would be down, but they are still £50+. It's definitely Internet usage and not talk time nor texting. How can I switch the Internet off on my iPhone but still use Wifi when I'm at home or at my parents house?


tribpot Sun 18-Jan-15 21:16:33

It sounds like you've got a load of stuff set to sync (and quite frequently as well). I agree, the best thing to do is turn off mobile data completely and rely only on Wifi.

I can't do it on my iPhone 4 as it has no SIM in it, but go to Settings -> Cellular and then in there will be an option to turn off data, it's quite independent of wifi.

tribpot Sun 18-Jan-15 21:17:51

Ah, here we go - instructions here

HexBramble Sun 18-Jan-15 21:32:02

Tribpot, thank you.
Doing it now.

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