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new style Tom Tom Start 50 please can you help?

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HappydaysArehere Wed 14-Jan-15 10:38:03

Bought the above which has a new menu system. Every attempt to download a manual shows the old easy to use menu which I had on my previous Tom tom. My problem is I cannot find a way to review the planned journey. You can set a list of ways you want journeys planned eg. Fastest route etc, However, only a map is shown with a generalised indication of the direction. I cannot call up a list of roads etc, or see a route preview. I am stumped. I have to have faith that when it starts I will be taken on a route I want. This is now proving a real problem. Has anyone got one of these new models which I was told has a menu rather like the Go.? I would be so grateful if anyone could help. So far I have always found Mumsnetters more helpful than anything on offer on the web.

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