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MacBook Air - I'm not sure I like it

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DrLego Mon 05-Jan-15 00:36:31

I bought one (13"), on a whim, which was ridiculous - but my laptop (using now) has been very slow recently, and had a few crashes, although I like it - and I had visions of doing immense volumes of work and being splendidly productive with the Air thus justifying it.

However, I can't get to grips with the Air at all. I mainly need it for writing. I didn't get the Pro because of the extra weight when I picked it up in store, but it looks like that's minimal. Also the Air has a better battery life which is important to me if I am out all day with it.

Is it

a. possible to return it within 14 days even though I have set it up?

or b. will I suddenly love it one day?

Any thoughts much appreciated. I haven't really had apple products before, except an ipad mini (now defunct) but I wonder if I should have just replaced that instead.

ThereIsIron Mon 05-Jan-15 01:00:49

Take it back. Apple products are overpriced tat. Fix your laptop or get a new one, and spend the money you've saved on wine grin

2015 Mon 05-Jan-15 01:28:01

I just bought a non Apple laptop today. I also have an iMac and a Mac book pro. (Plus iPad and iPhone). I find the problem with the iMac and Mac book is they are just not as intuitive to use as you are led to believe. I'm no IT expert but I had previously always managed ok so it was abit of a shock when I first got my iMac - especially having found my iPad so user friendly. I think you have to be prepared to invest time into learning how to use it.
It's boring but true.

DrLego Mon 05-Jan-15 02:51:49

hmm will they let me take it back? I literally bought it 2 days ago, but opened it and set it up and tried to set up email on it. I liked the ipad, very easy to use and handy for DS and also kindle app etc.

2015 Mon 05-Jan-15 09:03:31

Where did you buy it?

DrLego Mon 05-Jan-15 13:17:59

from the apple store - the guy who helped told me it had a retina display, which it doesn't, but that's fine for me- though I was asking him qus re the pro vs he couldn't answer which was a bit annoying seeing as they were very basic questions.. I was lured by bright lights and shiny things, and a pressing deadline. It could grow on me, but I think for the moment I'd be better off with an ipad air perhaps + the regular laptop and then reassess laptop needs later on. Mine is a Toshiba portege r830 or something, so it's very light windows one, albeit it does crash sometimes and has connectivity issues sometimes and the battery life is decreasing steadily but still good- it's lighter than the air I think. confused ah, buyer's remorse

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