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TV is 'dead'?

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WenReay Thu 01-Jan-15 20:35:40

Is it really finished? It was only 2 years old and our last one was 23 years old (an ancient box shaped TV/DVD combi) before it died. At least, I think it's dead as, although it was fine yesterday, it didn't go on at all today.

No power light coming on at all and it's not the electric socket or the other devices connected to the TV like the Wii and Virginmedia box thingy - which are all working with lights coming on etc.

Tried to see if it was the fuse by trying out 7 other 5 amp fuses in the house - but not sure though if any of them is actually working. Didn't come on at all. Tried wiggling various wires and re-plugging in various wires and nothing at all happening to the power button which isn't responding either to being on at the wall or on on the set or with the remote control.

Will try buying a fuse tomorrow but can anyone think of any other reason why a newish TV has suddenly stopped coming on at all? It was our first flat screen - although not even that big but the most expensive I've ever bought - a Linsar 26LED906T DVD/TV combi unit. Are they notoriously crap?

Can't find the receipt from 2 yrs ago so even if it's under guarantee, can't get it fixed where we bought it - John Lewis. DCs really pissed off today as they can't play the Wii or watch TV. Any experts on TVs who can help? Can't afford to buy another TV for a v long time.

NetworkGuy Fri 02-Jan-15 05:44:03

You can use a different limit fuse (so long as it is higher than the expected limit)... with fuses typically 3A, 5A, 13A from memory, you could try a 13A and then if that works, spend money on a 5A (in fact, pop down to Poundland or similar and you may get a range of different fuses for a quid rather than a fiver in Tesco!)

As for that model - sorry, no idea if they are generally reviewed in a poor light. I would, however, as a rule, avoid combined units - if the DVD part fails, it could be away for repair, which takes the TV too... and if the TV part fails, and is repairable, then you've lost the ability to play DVDs. Sorry, don't take offence, but just a reason for separates sometime in future.

SaucyMare Fri 02-Jan-15 15:03:34

the internal power unit has failed, which unless you only spent £50 on it is repairable.

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