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photo attachments on a Mac

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deste Thu 01-Jan-15 13:34:12

Hi I am trying to download photos that came as an attachment but when I open the email, the link is not showing. I did open it when I got it so I know they are there somewhere. How can I get the attachment to show up so I can print them out.

Thanks in advance

Panzee Thu 01-Jan-15 13:37:35

What email client are you using? They often have their own download folder somewhere.
For a quick fix, hold down Ctrl and click attachment, choose Download file to... And choose Desktop.
Then adjust your settings so any future downloads go somewhere handy for you.

deste Thu 01-Jan-15 15:30:29

If I download something it goes to the download folder but they are not there. I am using Hotmail.

Can't try the control thing because I can't see the attachment bit.

NetworkGuy Fri 02-Jan-15 07:22:23

So on the assumption you are using a web browser to view the e-mail, which browser are you using (eg Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) ?

OwlMother Fri 02-Jan-15 07:56:45

Is the photo actually in the email, as opposed to closed up in an attachment? When I send photos on my mac ( in safari or outlook) it imbeds them in the email.

NetworkGuy Fri 02-Jan-15 08:25:59

I went off to check what happened to attachments on my iMac. Here's a copy and paste of what was on screen (I did hide a few names/ mail addresses, and the first photo as there's a tiny chance of someone in the same town knowing the family!

Although my mouse pointer is not shown, I was hovering it at the lower right side of the second image shown. As you can see, with Chrome browser I was given the option of saving the whole lot in one go as a .ZIP file.

The e-mail was one my sister sent over Christmas and the images were attachments as they were taken on her iPhone. My friend in USA sent some images but they were shown "in line" and the options I had were similar to any web page with images on - save a link to the image, copy the image, download the image.

NetworkGuy Fri 02-Jan-15 08:28:06

Rats!! Had forgotten Mumsnet cannot cope with big images...

Hang on.


NetworkGuy Fri 02-Jan-15 08:30:12

OK, here's another attempt. Just showing the Outlook web page now.

Incidentally, if the photos are not shown as attachments with options like 'download' what happens if you right-click (ie use the right button on the mouse over the photo) ? Hopefully you will get a menu with 'download' on it.

NetworkGuy Fri 02-Jan-15 08:43:46

Getting silly. I will suggest in Site_Stuff that photos be displayed larger !

Have cropped down to essentials. Hope this is clearer !

deste Fri 02-Jan-15 11:59:09

Thanks Networkguy, Hi I am using Safari. The photos were just showing as an attachment. When I got them first I clicked on the attachment and they came up. Now all I have is the message and no sign of the "paper clip" to click on. It is an applemac so have no right mouse.

NetworkGuy Sat 03-Jan-15 00:08:33

Worth getting a cheap USB mouse just for the benefits of a right button, in my view - take a look > here < on Ebay (1.33)

If they have sold out there are others around the same price. Just buy 2 or 3 (as the cable insulation is sometimes a little easy to wear thin).

I am using an old iMac (2011 2GHz Intel Core Duo) with a budget 2-button, scroll-wheel, mouse... off Ebay at 150 quid a while ago...

I tried Safari and that's giving me similar display. What version of Safari are you using ? I used the 'About Safari' option and here's a grab from the screen...

OwlMother Sun 04-Jan-15 22:59:07

I'm not very technical, but my macbook has a right click on the tracker pad - I just use two fingers on the right hand side. My kids iMac and the wireless mouse on this are the same, and my son's mac mini also has right click - but set up back to front as he's left handed. It's not a mac problem, you just need to sort it in your settings.

deste Mon 05-Jan-15 21:52:07

The paper clip for the attachment is just not there any more. I asked the person to resend it and he said he will in a different format so fingers crossed.

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