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best way to get tech-smart?

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bananacarnival Sat 27-Dec-14 22:33:26

Will be buying a new computer soon, have a fantastic Sony Z2 phone, digital cameras... But no idea how to transfer /save data. Would love to learn how to store my photos and videos on a cloud, yes I've tried to read instructions on my phone but I'm being a bit dim - think I need to have a tutorial or two to get the most of my gadgets.

What's the best (and safest) way of getting someone to show me?
Went into a mobile phone shop the other day to ask about extra memory storage for my phone, the guy tried to show me a few things but it was so rushed - it's always rushed in a mobile phone shop.

Thank you

antimatter Sun 28-Dec-14 02:56:02

Subscribe to Dropbox - I think their instructions are easy to follow.
People also use Google drive.

I think with the phone I was able to have setting that the transfer happens only when I am on wi-fi.

NetworkGuy Sun 28-Dec-14 03:25:50

Since you have a Sony Z2, Android phone, odds are you have a GMail account (else you'll be prompted to open an account before you can use Google Play [their App Store]).

One of the things you can do with a Google account is to store up to 15 GB on their service ("Google Drive"), and I have used a file manager app called "X-plore" to copy files from my phone to my Drive space and later used those files on my iMac (they offer downloads for OSX and Windows to make the Google Drive appear like local disk space).

Do be aware that home broadband Wi-Fi will be best option for copying photos and video to Google Drive (as it won't use up any of your mobile data allowance, unless you have a truly unlimited allowance).

Of course, it's also possible to copy things the other way eg a confirmation page shown on your computer can be copied as a screenshot image to your Google Drive and then onto the phone if you need some reference number at an event or shop.

It is also possible in some cases to use bluetooth if your home computer has it, to copy directly between phone and computer.

I'll have a look for some HowTo guides, but you can always ask on MN for advice....

bananacarnival Sun 28-Dec-14 17:45:15

Thanks both, yes networkguy I do have a Google account but get stuck while trying to follow instructions. I have one of those file manager apps on my phone, the man in the phone shop tried to teach me but I didn't understand because it was so rushed, there was a long queue behind me.

Thanks again

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