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So I've been given a Hudl for christmas ...APPs questions...

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unlucky83 Fri 26-Dec-14 21:11:55

I have Samsung Bada smartphone - you go the samsung apps - frustrating in the fact it doesn't recognise my phone model - but if something costs it says how much...
I am an android with a Hudl everything is google wondering is google play the only site you can get Apps from?
I used it to get the firefox and Avast apps (not keen on chrome) but not finding google play user friendly - maybe I'm being stupid but I can't see what things cost - just 'offers in app purchases' and they have your paypal info..
What I would really love is an organiser ...that I can use on the hudl and my windows PC.....might even upgrade my phone to android if it is fantastic
Currently I use google calendar and tasks - I like the repeat function on the calendar and the email reminders ...(And I can sync the calendar on my phone with it)
Less keen on tasks - the only way I can access it on my phone is through the web and you just get a randomly ordered list
I hate the fact you can't sent recurring tasks - so eg I pay my credit card every month - within a 4 day timeframe - I don't want it on my calendar as a repeat event cos I want to tick it off when I've done it - in tasks I need to manually change the due date to the following month.
On my PC as part of gmail I hate the fact that if you 'sort by due date' everything you are supposed to do on one day is in random order (so eg if you think I'm going to x place - I'll recycle the glass on my way past the recycling centre - I have to remember to take it with me - unless you faff you can't put it before the go to x place)
You can reorder from 'view in my order' but then it sticks every new task at the top of the list (even transferred ones from another list) so you have to reorder (I have huge lists!) Also I have several task lists - for different things I do and I go through them once a week and move them to a 'this week' list - then sort through again. (eg I pay the rent for a group twice a year - I have to do it again in June - it on the list for that group - but not on my main task list or it would be massive!!!, when I transfer it goes to the top of the list -grrrr).

Sorry huge post ...basically is google apps the best place for android apps and can anyone recommend a good organiser app that I can use on my PC and my Hudl? (That doesn't cost a fortune - or if it does I know how much in advance!)

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