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First Smart phone - app/music help!!

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WeAllHaveWings Tue 23-Dec-14 14:34:51

I have bought ds and myself a Smart phone each for Xmas (One Samsung one Moto G). Our previous phones were very basic phones so I know nothing about smart phones - help!!

I'm pretty sure I'll work out the basic's of the phones, and I will just put our Giff Gaff SIMs into them, but not sure how the music works on android (this is our first android devices, we have iPad/iPods at home).

- I assume with android you buy apps/music etc. from Google Play? So a Google Play gift card would be needed for ds to get him started? I don't want to put any credit card details into the phone anywhere (iPad/iPod we have is setup to use iTunes gift cards only, I assume I can do the same with Google Play?)

- What is the best app for playing/buying music? Will I be able to share music with ds (similar to iTunes account which is on my iPad and his iPod).

- Can his iTunes music from his iPod be transferred to his new phone?

Is there anything else I need to know about Smart Phones that's not really obvious????

I still need to find a 32GB micro SD card for each phone but everywhere seems sold out just now. Is there a particular card that is better than others and does it matter which brand I buy?

NetworkGuy Wed 24-Dec-14 00:31:36

If you have MP3 files (and there are lots of ways to get MP3 copies of music from CDs etc), then you wouldn't need to use Google Play to buy any.

I have to admit to still be looking around for as 'best' music player. I've tried WinAmp, some of the manufacturer-supplied players, and a handy File Manager called X-plore which has its own player/ preview (for images), and just recently came across an app called Folder Player (or something similar, trying to find which phone it is on, to get the actual name!)

To start with, why not get a 2 GB card to play with (do you really need 32 GB)? Music tracks are often 6 to 12 MB each, so even just 2 GB would hold plenty to start with...

As for what's on iTunes, then if you can save files as MP3 you can bluetooth them to the Android phone, or just use a USB cable from the computer...

NB I have neither iPod nor iPad, so don't know what options you have overall...

I use iMacs, iTunes (for free video and audio podcasts only) and several Android phones, towards the budget end of the Samsung range, plus Huawei and a couple of Sony Tipo phones. Plan to get a dual SIM Moto G in the spring, or a 4G mobile (such as the OnePlus One or similar).

WeAllHaveWings Wed 24-Dec-14 11:46:59

Picked up 2 x SanDisk Extreme 32 GB micro SD with adapter in Tesco today for £16.50 each, so that's sorted now and got a £10 Google Play Gift Card just in case he needs it on Xmas day.

Have googled best Android music players and there are lots of articles with top 5 music players, but every list has different players :s

Will try the players you've suggested, thanks!

ds's Samsung is the Galaxy Young 2 (free with Tesco clubcard points) so definitely budget end.

My new Moto G (also paid for with Tesco Clubcard vouchers) is huge compared to my current phone (very old Samsung G600), but guess I'll get used to that, the dual SIM will be handy as I will be able to put my work mobile SIM into the phone and it will save me carrying/charging two phones!

tribpot Wed 24-Dec-14 11:51:13

With Google Music Manager you can sync music from iTunes so please don't think you have to buy all the music again!

I've only done this on a laptop, but you basically install the Music Manager and tell it to look in iTunes for new music. It then uploads the content to your Google Music account in the cloud and you can use Google Play Music on your mobile devices to play said music. Either streaming or downloading to the device if you prefer.

WeAllHaveWings Wed 24-Dec-14 16:36:18

Have now downloaded Google Music Manager on my PC and now have my iTunes in my Google Music player! Any new iTunes music will automatically download too, so looking good. Thanks tribpot

Setup a Google Play Account for ds and tried to download music player on his PC account it wont let me without entering a credit card into "Google Wallet" to validate which country I'm in, not happy entering any credit card details on ds's account so will need to look into that a bit further once we have the phones tomorrow so I can see if I can disable it from ds's Google Wallet (cant access Google Wallet on PC).

NetworkGuy Thu 25-Dec-14 00:43:46

Thanks from me, too, Tribpot, as I was unaware of Google Music Manager.

I use iTunes to download podcasts and not music (I think I have about 100 GB of assorted music collected over the past 30 years, from CDs etc).

WAHV - > ink{\]]/} < should work!

I just went on using my iMac to check all the payments for Apps I've bought.
(and a few other items... staggered to find my first purchase was a CD writer in 2007 from Ebuyer!)

NetworkGuy Thu 25-Dec-14 00:46:48


had to do it again as the posting handler got confused ... obviously cannot quite cope with showing URLs will all the 'slash' marks.

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