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Logitech squeezebox advice

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clangermum Sat 20-Dec-14 11:22:25

We have the server downstairs and play different audiobooks into three different bedrooms for the kids at night.

Is there a way I can print out a list of what's in the various folders, rather than having to scroll down the screen each time they call down for 'something else, but remind me what else is on there'...I was going to sit down and write it all out, but there are hundreds and there must be a way to do this. Then they could each have a printed list and tick stuff they like and add comments


ignominious Sat 20-Dec-14 11:28:23

Are the files in folders on an actual computer? If so I can write you a command that will save them all to a text file

NetworkGuy Sat 20-Dec-14 13:59:58

What is the server running? Windows, OSX (Apple), or Linux ?

Or, what do you access with, eg a laptop, to upload new items ?

If you can open a command line (MS-DOS window, or 'Terminal' on OSX or get a shell under Linux) then it should be easy enough to get a list and sort the names and save into a text file so you can view via browser, or print out, or view in a text editor/ word processing application.

clangermum Sat 20-Dec-14 14:40:27

Thanks - that was quick

It's a NAS server that runs Linux, accessed via laptop

NetworkGuy Sun 21-Dec-14 14:53:01

So when you look at the lists of files in directories, what are you using (and what OS is the laptop using) ?

I have a NAS siting downstairs, accessed either via browser to configure it (the utilities for Mac and Windows are playing up - partly because of my network setup where most of the machines upstairs are connected by wireless or cable into a Netgear router, connected to a netbook, which used wireless to connect to my ISP router which has a fixed IP - in case you wonder at this setup, the netbook can be set to use my mobile phone as an alternative, giving all equipment a dynamic IP, so I can be more 'anonymous' when viewing websites).

I can access theNAS via FTP or the 'finder' (Mac file manager), or the 'files' facility on Linux Mint. With FTP I can use the directory command eg:

ftp> dir
229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||12672|)
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for file list
drwxrwsrwx 3 webuser hdusers 4096 Nov 9 07:17 Best Smooth Jazz UK
drwxrwsrwx 3 webuser hdusers 4096 Nov 9 08:33 Clive James 2007-2009
drwxrwsrwx 4 webuser hdusers 127 Nov 21 03:14 Intel-001.sparsebundle
drwxrwsrwx 3 webuser hdusers 4096 Dec 11 15:22 TWiT-WeekInTech
drwxrwxrwx 3 webnet hdusers 20480 Nov 8 22:39 Talking Smooth Jazz
drwxrwsrwx 3 webuser hdusers 4096 Dec 10 09:54 TechNewsToday
drwxrwxrwx 3 webuser hdusers 25 Nov 4 12:14 Temporary Items
226 Transfer complete

Those are mostly my Podcast files downloaded off iTunes, plus my Apple iMac backup (have not set up the other 4 iMacs to do any backups yet!)

That listing was within the FTP utility... It's also possible to output the list into a local file (so as to have a directory listing)... for example:

hdusers 4830311 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-02-02 Attack of the Wheelie Bins.mp3
hdusers 4600559 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-02-09 The Mind's Construction in the Face.mp3
hdusers 4894005 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-02-16 Fidgets on the March.mp3
hdusers 4647911 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-02-23 Flying People, Flagrant Piffle.mp3
hdusers 4888188 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-03-02 Nob Voices, Yob Voices.mp3
hdusers 4858180 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-03-09 Because Shes Worth It.mp3
hdusers 4887184 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-03-16 Going for Gold.mp3
hdusers 4841748 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-03-23 Black Destiny.mp3
hdusers 4892933 Aug 1 2013 PoVCJ_ 2007-03-30 Torture on 24.mp3

small extract (I cut off some of the fields and dozens more lines for easy readability).

If you want to private message me with a phonee number, it may be easier to talk over the phone (I have hundreds of minutes on contract) to identifiy what will work easily for you...

clangermum Mon 22-Dec-14 19:54:23

Brilliant, have got the list in a local file and am now trimming. Revolutionary :-) thank you

clangermum Mon 22-Dec-14 19:55:51

Oops smile had obviously exhausted my tech abilities for one day

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