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Sony CMT - X7CDB

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HappydaysArehere Thu 18-Dec-14 20:48:22

Hope some mumsnetter has something to offer on the above. Saw this CD player, plus air play, plus db radio in John Lewis. The salesman demonstrated the CD player which I was duly impressed with and was told I would be able to play music from my I Pad which I also wanted. However. A review on the web site described three exchanges as the radio was unable to pick up stations although other radios in the same room had no trouble. He said had been told that this was not an uncommon problem with this model. I certainly don't wish to waste over £300 pounds on a non functioning radio. It is a lovely looking slim model just asking to sit on my kitchen work top. Should I cross it off my wish list? Would love to hear from anyone who has a view. Here's hoping ........

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