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Timer to limit tv time for kids?

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Lifelover89 Fri 12-Dec-14 15:55:51

My kids have never had a tv in their room before but I have bought them once this christmas. The idea is that after I have read their bedtime story, I will put tv on in their room for 30 mins. Is there a timer or something that I can get that would automatically turn the tv off after a set amount of time? Hoping to get one and set it up from the outset so they believe it only works for 30 mins and don't expect any more! Xx

PeterParkerSays Fri 12-Dec-14 15:59:33

I would just use a standard plug in timer, like you'd use for a slow cooker of a light, or buy a TV which has a timer function built in.

How old are the kids though, as I think I'd rather be popping in to check on what they are watching rather than just leaving them to it for 30 minutes?

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