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Best way to set up the children's new iPods?

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Missymoomum Wed 10-Dec-14 06:55:43

My 2 children (7 & 6) are having iPod touches for Christmas and I'm trying to work out which is the best way to set them up in terms of putting the apps and music on them - set up family sharing on them and linkthem to my itunes account or just have the iPods as 'my iPod1' and 'my iPod2' in my itunes account if that makes sense? Is there really a difference in these 2 options? In app purchases etc will all be turned off but due to their ages i want to make sure I control what is on the iPods and besides I don't want to re-buy any apps and music that I've already bought once before. Thanks!

orangemog Sat 13-Dec-14 17:56:50

I've just set up family sharing on my account because I bought my gran an iPad.

When you use family sharing, you have the option to turn on 'authorisation' meaning that if the kids try and purchase anything, a request will be sent to you to authorise it first. So you can just say no :-) Though be aware that if you say yes, it charges your stored credit card.

Also, most apps I have seem to support family sharing (and I believe all music and media, but I don't buy from iTunes so you'd have to double check that) so you'd be able to share your previously purchased items and also anything ordered in future would be available on all devices. On the AppStore, it tells you in the description whether it can be shared or not.

So I'd say that's the better option in your situation :-)

orangemog Sat 13-Dec-14 17:57:50

Oh, and on the actual iPods you can set up parental controls then put a pin lock on so they can't change them :-)

Missymoomum Sun 14-Dec-14 03:02:45

Thanks for your reply. Thinking about it I suppose I'm really questioning whether it's beneficial for them to have their own Apple ID which they will need with family sharing bearing in mind their age or to keep everything within my Apple ID. Not sure which is the best option?

orangemog Sun 14-Dec-14 09:10:00

I see what you mean. It would be quicker for you to set it up on your ID than family sharing, apart from anything else :-) It depends whether you're going to block the appstore using parental controls or let them find their own games.

My DSC are 9 and 6 and have android tablets. They like finding their own apps on the store and their dad got fed up having to put his password in every 5 minutes which is why they have their own accounts (with no credit card associated) :-)

Chasingsquirrels Thu 18-Dec-14 08:31:26

Better - own id & family sharing.
They are young but then won't get any younger, if you just use you id now at some point will want their own id, and all their stuff will be on your id - not good.

Missymoomum Fri 09-Jan-15 02:34:13

Thanks for your replies, we decided on own id and family sharing and that seems to be working well. It also means they don't get all my imessages etc which i hadn't considered before!!

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