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Windows 81, connectivity/logging in issues....

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Curlybrunette Mon 17-Nov-14 17:27:30

I am so bloody p'd off witth my new laptop it's untrue. I bought a laptop off my auntie (she bought it but barely used it). Its an Acer Aspire E1-531, with Windows 8.1.

My auntie had herself logged in, so when I took it I created myself as a user and made me the admin (I kept her profile initially incase she ever needed it for anything - in trying to solve the below issues I've since deleted her profile in case it was stressing the computer but it hasn't made a difference).

I logged into my wifi and although I could get on the internet, it says that I have limited connectivity. When I'm at work I use a ethernet cable and that also says it's limited.

The laptop is usually fine when I'm using it on the desktop page, but when on the windows 8 'tab page' I can't use anything as it says I'm not connected to the internet. I've spent hours trying to sort it, Dh said why bother as long it works on the desktop page but I feel it's pointless having the 'tab page' if I can't use it I don't understand why the desktop page knows I'm on the internet but the tab page doesn't.

Also, why does it think the connectivity is limited? We don't have this issue with any other device in the house.

I've googled this and it seems a common problem, but a lot of the advice is so technical I daren't/can't follow it.

A lot of people seem to have the problem that the connection cuts out regularly, I didn't have that until last night when I did suddenly lose it.

Another issue is that it won't let me log into my Microsoft account, and is giving me an error code - 0x8007042c. On googling, I'm finding again this is fairly common, something to do with the firewall but none of the suggestions have helped.

Again, I don't need to log into my Microsoft account but I'm just frustrated that I can't!!!

Any advice to either of the problems would be much appreciated, sorry for ranting


Curlybrunette Mon 17-Nov-14 17:28:10

Dammit, the title should be 8.1...flippin new laptop...angry

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