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Ubunto libre office writer help needed.

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spottymoo Sun 16-Nov-14 13:36:33

we've recently had ubunto installed on to our laptop and the kids are having real problems with printing clip art pictures out.

Basically for dd home work she had to print aload of different styles of shoes off but for some reason when ever i try to do it in lireoffice writer it wont print anything.

previosuly used word on windows and it was just a case of copy paste then print does anyone have any ideas please before i throw the laptop.

NetworkGuy Mon 17-Nov-14 07:01:13

Far from expert, but first question would be: what printer are you using?
Is it wireless or USB?

It's likely to boil down to getting the correct driver software to use it.

Somewhere to start from, anyway.

spottymoo Mon 17-Nov-14 07:10:47

I'm using a kodak c310 ive tried it wireless and USB

NetworkGuy Sun 23-Nov-14 04:24:11

Right. I looked for the Kodak printer being supported and it seems you'd need to install extra software - have you already done a search for "Kodak C310 drivers for ubuntu" ?

NetworkGuy Sun 23-Nov-14 04:26:30

If you were using (say) Windows, then when you plug in a new printer on a USB cable, odds are quite high that the PC would display "finding drivers for <name of printer>" and just go ahead and install, with one or maybe two 'click OK' prompts.

Ubuntu and similar linux versions may have no knowledge of the many hundreds of different printers, so will need some coaxing to 'talk' to any specific printer.

spottymoo Wed 26-Nov-14 18:38:27

Have all the drivers but it's hit and miss if it works, have done some research it seems kodak doesn't support Linux and I'd be better with a HP printer.
Didn't really want to get a new printer but need something to work

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